To the Person Who Ran Over my Cat…

His name was Henry.  But then, if you had stopped to help him, you would have known that from the tags on his collar.

I don’t know whether it was his fault because he simply spooked and jumped out in front of you leaving no time to stop, or whether you were going too fast. The vet who did the post-mortem said you were…and that you knew you hit him. Is that true? We’re you being reckless? Maybe you were drunk?  There are a lot of things I don’t know about his end, because you just left him.  Only you and Henry know what happened that tragic night.

What I do know is that an integral member of our family bled out from internal injuries alone in the night, without anyone there to comfort him as he left this world; and that’s a heart-wrenching picture that I will never be able to erase from my mind, and you shouldn’t get to either. I didn’t have the chance to hold him as he left this world and say a final goodbye, because you left him there to die like he was nothing.  Like he meant nothing.

But he meant everything.

unnamed (2)

You see, Henry wasn’t just a run of the mill house cat.  He wasn’t just a fixture in the background of our home that came in for feeding and kept to himself.  He was an ever-present, loving and very involved member of our family.  The night he died, his final act in this world before sneaking past my husband’s feet to get out far too late that evening, was to calm our 4-year-old daughter (who was having a meltdown because she was overtired and didn’t want to go to bed) by laying peacefully beside her until she finally drifted to sleep – as was his way.  Every time I had a migraine, he never left my side until the storm had passed, even when I was puking my guts up and writhing in agony.  When he came for a cuddle, he didn’t just lie next to you, he insisted on having his paw held.  Despite the numerous times they certainly deserved it, he never once raised a claw to either of our girls.  The amount of times he would make us laugh on a daily basis is innumerable.  He was the physical embodiment of love and patience.  He gave us everything he had to give and your actions robbed us of the chance to thank him for choosing to share his life with us before he left this world.

He did choose us you see.  Henry didn’t come into our lives because he was bought from a random breeder on some whim.  He found me when I was helping bartend at a friend’s pub in Munich, Germany back in 2011.  ‘Heinrich’ we sometimes jokingly called him.  I’ll never forget the little ginger-faced kitten who only had eyes for me, his paws on the other side of the glass of the full length windows that looked out over the road as he mewed for my attention.  I remember being drawn to him instantly, but feeling certain that such a beautiful kitten must have a home nearby and will surely be going back to it soon.  But the same happened the next night, and the night after that.  It was freezing outside that November and as I locked the pub on that third night of him gazing in longingly from the cold, I found him shivering behind the ashtray and decided enough was enough, I had to take him home.

On the walk back to my flat, I had him wrapped in my jacket for warmth.  As I headed home, I expected at any moment, he would jump out of my arms and find his way back to wherever he had come from.  But instead, he purred and dozed for the duration of this journey – happy to go wherever I was taking him.  When nobody came forward to claim him following to posters we had put up to say we found him, he became ours.  But you see, we were already his anyway.

Over the course of his nearly six years on earth, he had managed to pull me from a deep and all-consuming depression that had been raging for years without relief.  When our youngest was born, he spent hours by her side.  From the moment she could move, he was playing with her.  Nearly every photo and video that we have of her, from her birth till now, he is in the shot somewhere; in her doll pram, under her activity mat, opening Christmas presents together, playing fetch (yes, he did this too), or simply sleeping peacefully alongside her.  They were supposed to grow up together.  Her photos will be somewhat starker from now on.

When we moved back to England, because of UK law, he had to be imported separately, so he made the long and arduous journey up to a friend until we found our house here on Becket Road, the very same road in which his life was so brutally cut short just days ago.  After months of separation, most cats would be quite settled in their new surroundings but not him – he wanted nothing more than to be back with us.  When we went to visit him at our friends house during this interim settling period, he would howl in the front window as soon as he saw us coming, clambering to get out and back into my arms.  We were his people and he wanted to be home with us.

Once, he went missing for a week when we went to a funeral in Manchester and my father-in-law was looking after him.  He got lost in the night when it rained, he couldn’t find his way back.  After a week of desperately searching, putting up flyers, calling various local shelters and posting online, finally one of our neighbours noticed him in their back garden.  When I went to get him, I found him wedged in between a garden shed and wooden fence panel, his back to me.  I was told that he was not budging, no matter how many attempts they had made to get him out. But, when I gently whispered ‘Henry,’ his ginger ears twitched and, like the contortionist he was, he finagled himself to face me and, with complete and utter relief in his eyes, hurriedly jumped into the comfort of my arms.

But that night you left him, I couldn’t save him.  There was to be no look of relief, no comfort of my familiar arms embracing him as he slipped away into the night.  Instead, we woke Saturday morning to find him lying at the side of the road, his open eyes forever frozen in fear – blood flowing from his nose, mouth, eyes and ears… stiff and cold to the touch.  You left him there to die.  You did that.  And in doing that, you robbed him of his dignity and a final comfort that he had more than deserved.  You robbed me of my chance to say goodbye.  I know you didn’t mean to hit him, but what you did after the fact was cowardly and unforgivable.


I haven’t stopped crying since we found him.  Sounds that are not even human have ripped through my vocal chords, from some ethereal pit in my stomach I did not know existed.  I haven’t been able to eat or hold anything down.  I was not prepared for this all-consuming grief.  Neither were our girls.  Like me, our 4-year-old is waking at all hours of the night in panic and confusion.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a small child grapple to understand the death of their lifelong companion, but I hope you never have to.

I still expect him to wake me up by cackling at the seagulls outside, or jump through the bathroom window for his dinner like nothing is wrong.  I still think I can hear him meowing occasionally or feel him laying in the crook of my knees and when I do, my heart breaks all over again.

He currently sits in cold storage at the vets, wrapped in his favourite blanket awaiting our confirmation of what to do with his remains. We weren’t ready for this.

But then, Henry was all-forgiving, so I will strive to be as well.  All I ask is that if you ever find yourself in the same, tragic situation in future, you make a very different decision than the one you did… for Henry.

In Henry’s memory and for all cats just like him, we have started a campaign to improve road safety for felines here in the UK. Please join us if you can… together we are stronger.


82 thoughts on “To the Person Who Ran Over my Cat…

  1. I am so very sad for your loss and the cold heartless way he was left. He will have known how loved he was & he may still feel your love comforting him. My heart goes out to you & your family. I send you & Henry love.

      1. Oh he did know. A cat like henry who is so much a part of a loving family & is loved deeply will feel it. My daughter lives on your road & has a cat & your heartfelt words resonated. Our cats are family & I feel so sad for you all. It’s devastating losing a cat in that awful way. I am so sorry.

      2. I don’t live in the UK but I was on my way to school this morning to see my best friend or my cat named sodapop dead on the road and I knew it was him because of the collar and it hurt because I remember thinking the night before where he was but he liked to go outside on our porch or maybe he was in the living room but he wasn’t so I came home to my mom and the only thing I knew right then and there was that he was dead, it didn’t occur to me that someone ran him over but all I can say is I know I’ll never figure out who but I hope they don’t have to suffer like that themselves even if they killed the one thing that was with me when no one else was the thing that loved me and never judged me is dead because of some reckless driver who ran overnight his head and didn’t bat a lash and that’s what gets me and I wish I was with him because he died alone and he probably didn’t understand why and it’s killing me because he was never just a cat he was my best friend And I don’t know ignoring I can get another cat because I don’t think I could ever love another like I didn’t sodapop and I hope he knows how sorry I am and how much I loved him so I understand your pain I wish I didn’t but I do and I wish you didn’t need understand either because no one deserves that not even the person who killed sodapop or Henry.

  2. I am so sorry to you and your family… RIP lovely Henry xxx Some people out there do not understand the warmth, love and affection a cat bring to the family xxx They become an integral part of the family and their passing is one of the hardest things to have to cope with xxx Sending love to all the family at this difficult time xxx Rest in peace sweet one x
    Becky x

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca. And yes, you are right. It’s no different than the feeling of losing any of our loved ones. In some ways, it might even be worse because of how intertwined their lives are with your own every single day. I hope we can one day all come together to fight for their right to have a more dignified death. This kind of thing happens far too often. xx

  3. I am so sorry you lost your beautiful boy
    We lost our beautiful girl the same way
    we have strong feelings of knowing who it was just no way to prove it
    I wish the uk had the same laws as usa as over there its a punishable offence
    Sending our love from our home to yours x

    1. Thank you Jean. I have started a petition to the council to get speed bumps on our road as well as passing around a petition to include cats in the traffic road act as well. I don’t want anyone else to ever go through what we have been through again.

  4. I know the feeling, have been very ill and went on a rare outing only to come home to find our beautiful cat dead on our driveway, she was only just over two. Like you I hear her jump if the bed and see her go past me.
    I send you and Henry much love and if ever you felt like a chat pm me.
    Sending lots of love and cuddles to Henry and all your family xxxx

  5. This is so so sad and I hope the person who took his life one day reads this and your hear wrenching words stay with him/her for the rest of their lives.

    Have comfort in knowing you gave him a Fantastic loving home and he knew this and keep your memories close to you time is a healer

    1. Thank you Kim. I hope this stays in the minds of many who read it, should they ever find themselves face with a similar choice as the person who killed Henry. If his story changes the future for even one cat, then his death will not have been in vain.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. That road is a nightmare and uncaring and unthoughtful road users zoom down it like nutters. A cat is part of a family and no amount of sorrow can take away the anguish and grief you must be feeling. I hope whoever did this realises what they have done and how much they have taken from your family. My heart reaches out to you and yours xxxx

    1. Thank you so much Emma. Yes, this road is a deathtrap. I have also started a petition to the Worthing council to take immediate action. This just isn’t good enough for the all the residents of West Worthing – human or no. You kind words are very much appreciated.

  7. I’m so sorry Henry was taken from you too soon. Our Thomas left us in the same way on Valentine’s this year. Knowing he died without us was awful. Like any bereavement, it takes time.

    After 4 months of having a huge hole in our life we’ve brought Jack home this week. He’ll never replace Thomas, but he’s mewing his way into the hole left in our family. It’s a huge relief to have someone trample across my face at 2am again.

    1. I completely understand. I just don’t know how to live in a house that isn’t full of Henry’s love and life anymore. One day I will have to open my heart to another when I am ready… but it will take some time. I’m so glad you have found joy in little Jack. My very wise Auntie said: Over time, they make a patchwork quilt on our hearts.

  8. I have been through the same thing and I feel the same, completely get the heart ache and the piece of you that has gone. My little lucky star was taken so early… just 1 year old.

    I will share, sign and keep my spirits high to have the awful fate mate illegal.


    1. It’s so sad that so many have gone through this. It’s time for change. My heart goes out to you as well. Thank you for the kind words. xx

    2. I’m so sorry to hear that so many have gone through the same pain. Things need to change. My heart is with you, and everyone else, who has lost a member of their family in such tragic circumstances. Big hugs. xx

  9. Bless you all. Such sadness. I am so sad to read your story – Henry was a truly wonderful cat. Rest assured he is by your side always….you just can’t see him. Take care of yourselves…… Henry is keeping an eye on you all. Xxxx

  10. Omg I’m so with you and your emotions at this moment in time. Cats are so precious and loving. I have grown up with both cats and dogs but always found the cats to be more loving. I sadly lost my beautiful demitrius tragically to kidney failure over 18 years ago and I still miss his ginger and white coat and he would always meet me at the gate and travel everywhere with me. I still laugh to myself about the time he unbeknown to me travelled all the way to Brighton from East Preston in the back seat of my car and I had parked in the multi-storey to find he then jumped on my shoulder and meowed 😂😂😂. I then had to drive all the way home as I couldn’t leave him in the car and considering I was only a poor student I couldn’t afford to drive back again. But for the love of your pets you would go the extra mile. I only hope that you remember those precious moments rather then the last sight you saw. 😢😢😢. Take care x

  11. Beautifully written article and so heart felt.
    Unfortunately after being a qualified veterinary nurse for more years than I care to mention, this happens all too often. I do believe many drivers, particularly at night, don’t actually know they have even hit an animal. The animal for whatever reason runs between the front and rear wheels often resulting in an untimely end or some very serious injuries indeed.
    I know this does not change the outcome but may help to elevate some of your pain and reassure you that your beloved was not intentionally left to die alone.
    I too lost my cat the very same way and can truly sympathise with your pain.
    I have also had to stand alone and inform far too many owners of the same loss and witness their hearts shatterer in to a million pieces right in front of my eyes time and time again.
    That sorrow never leaves you. All my collegues know that pain all to well also as they to have had to deliver that devastating news to grief ridden owners.
    I hope this article will make people stop and think about speeding through residential areas.
    Next time it could be a child!
    Sending love and peace to you and your family from me and mine Xxx

    1. Thank you for the kind words Amy. I am sure this happens all to often. The vets confirmed that in Henry’s case, it was impossible for the drive not to know. He wasn’t crushed by a tire but the front bumper knocked him. But then end result is the same. He is gone and people taking the time to offer their thoughts and condolences has meant a great deal to us all. Thank you. Xx

  12. So sorry for your loss I know how heart breaking it is as the same thing happened to my nearly 3year old Oscar .Three years on I still grieve him. My Rd is not busy at night and the driver would of Cleary seen him and didnt bother to stop.xx

  13. We also lost our lovely two year old cat this way. She had been thrown to the side of the road. But later we gained a stray who had also been run over outside. He had a fractured pelvis and a dislocated hip. After having his hip ball joint removed and spending three months in a cage he has taken over our home ….and our other cat’s brother !! Don’t let his awful death take away all the pleasure and happy memories you have. Your loving memories will never die xx

  14. This breaks my heart. We lost our 13 year old Siamese boy Jasper on Thursday 27th April in Littlehampton. He was hit and killed by a car on Stammer Road, a road that you cannot speed on. Thankfully the kind lady stopped and took him to Fitzallen vets in Littlehampton. I got the worst call in the world from an unknown person to say my beautiful boy was dead. The guilt I carry is so heavy and crushing – we moved 6 weeks ago from Broadwater and kept him in for 5 weeks and this was the end of his first week out and about. If we hadn’t moved he would still be alive. We have cried our eyes out for the last 5 days. My husband wants to move again as he says he can’t bear driving past the place it happened. I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest. The house feels so quiet and empty as he was a Siamese and was extremely vocal at all hours of the day. We have 5 dogs and the house still feels empty. They can’t understand where he has gone and they keep looking round the house for him. I am eternally grateful to the lady who had the courage to stop and take him to the vets, but like you have so many unanswered questions. His collar was missing so it was lucky he was chipped so that they could trace us, but where was his collar. The vet said he had no collar on when he was bought in. Was he going away from home or coming back, did something scare him? Was he hit or actually run over because you cannot speed on that road and he did not look so badly hurt when we saw him. These questions just keep playing in my head like a broken record and I know they won’t be answered. I share your grief and know how you feel. It hurts so much each day that the only relief I get is when I do manage to fall asleep for a few hours. That is ruined by the fact that when I wake up i have to remember all over again. We send our love and hugs to you and hope your pain begins to ease and hope Henry has met Jasper and they are running free together, free from any pain and fear and know how much we loved them and that we will miss them forever ❤️

    1. Oh Michaela, we are in exactly the same boat. Especailly the reliving it every time you try to get some sleep. It’s torturous. I am so sorry for your loss. Henry was a Red Point Siamese as well, so yes, it’s far too quiet now. So many big hugs to you and yours in your time of grief. I do love the idea that both of them are mewing loudly together waiting to meet us at the rainbow bridge. Sending big, warm hugs. xx

      1. Thank you Tiyaivy for your kind comments. The coincidence that they were both Red Point Siamese is haunting. I know exactly what Beckett Road is like for traffic and totally agree that they should do something about it. It is often used as a rat run when the gates are down with no thought to the danger they pose to cats and children alike. Pavillion Road too as it runs parallel. I hope the petition gets the attention of the council and they do try and put a traffic calming scheme in place. I too take some comfort from the thought that he won’t be lonely and will hopefully find Henry and wait at the Rainbow Bridge. We will find them easily, just follow the loud yowling noise. I have lots of pictures and videos of Jasper and when I am feeling up to it will watch them. They may help a little. I am going to get a large canvas print done of a gorgeous picture my husband took earlier this year of Jasper at the top of our old palm tree again yowling at us. May your hearts begin to heal and may Henry always be in your thoughts. Much love and hugs ❤️

      2. I just can’t believe that they died within days of eachother. It’s haunting indeed. They must be together. I am so sorry for all that you are feeling and am right there with you. Can’t wait to heat the yowling again. Big hugs. xx

  15. I am so sorry for your loss, our pets are a huge part of our family. When I.was younger I had a cat and I loved her so much. One day I couldnt find her. I searched for her day after day after day, when my husband finally told me that she had been hit by a car
    right in front of house, no one stopped to tell us either. He and my mother decided not to tell me hoping I would just give up trying to find her and when they realized I would not give up on her they told me. They had buried her and showed me where was. They were trying to protect me

    1. Oh Bonnie, that’s awful. I know they were trying to protect you but I’ve also been in situations where my cats have been missing and the not knowing was torturous. My heart goes out to you. Xx

  16. Dont know you but i know Becket Rd. Tears running down my face after reading this. Heartbreaking
    My daughter got her ginger kitten wen she woz 5 after years of pleading. Whiskaz is 12 now n getting a bit scruffy but we adore him. Cant begin to imagine how u feel but sending u all, and henry, healing hugs. Xxxxx

    1. Thank you Nix. Neither of our girls can sleep. The littlest is wandering around in the middle of the night in search of Henry. He’s been her companion and playmate all her life and she said she just can’t sleep without him next to her (he made the rounds at night). It’s heartbreaking to see them go through this. xx

  17. Sorry for the loss of your wee furry family member. One of my little furries was knocked down on the hill where I live. I got a call from a very upset young lass. She was driving down the hill, saw a dark pile at side of road, she does not know why she stopped, just instinct she says. Our Minnie had tag with name and number. She asked it we had a wee torti coloured cat. She said she had found our little one at side of rd. Although my heart was breaking, I really felt for this young lass. She has cats herself. She couldn’t stop shaking and crying.. I made sure she had a cu of tea, and calm enough to go on her way. Even tho she did not knock her down, she wa a true Angel, for bringing our baby home 🐱

  18. I have just read about Henry, it’s heartbreaking I have been down this road a few years ago. People who do not have cats or any pet do not understand the warmth they bring and that they are an integral part of your family. I now have 4 cats ranging from 6 years to 7 months, and I have made sure my house is so far away from a road due to the past experience as I couldn’t go through it again. I am deeply sorry for your loss because it will be huge but you will never ever forget him xxxx

  19. I know your pain. We have had cats for over 35 years and I remember all of them. We lost brother and sister (Crink and Nutmeg) within 3 months of each other on the road at the top of our street. Going out happily on my daughter’s 14th birthday and finding her cat, Nutmeg, on the side of the road on isn’t something I can forget, her cries of despair haunt me 12 years on. Eleven have been part of our lives including our two tabbies who now rule our hearts and home. They never leave us, they are forever in our hearts and every cat we’ve had the pleasure to being staff to, we remember all their quirks. So here’s a huge thank you to all of our loved and lost kitties no matter how long they have been with us, from a few days to many years, we love and miss you, but you are never forgotten. xx

  20. This has brung a tear to my eye and brung back flashes of the same thing that happened to our boy Heffner.
    We got him in Italy whilst living there and brung him all the way over to Scotland to continue his life with us.
    He was our fluffy son and a big brother to our little daughter at the time.
    Just like Henry,he was hit by a car and left for dead like he was a piece of dirt.
    He suffered for 2 nights on his own before we found his little body still clinging on and waiting for me.
    Luckily,I got the chance to say goodbye and be with him in his final moments.
    Im so sorry for you,I know the pain that you are feeling…its truly heartbreaking xxx

  21. We lost our six year old tabby Barnaby on Valentines day. He was hit by a car on the road outside our house, and the driver didn’t stop. It’s a 20mph speed limit and was in daylight so hard to believe the person didn’t see. To make matters worse, the Council collected his body and neglected to do a microchip scan. We only found out what happened to him because of some kind people in our village who posted on the local Facebook page. Barnaby was a member of our family and we understand how you feel. Something has to change to make reporting hitting a cat mandatory (and microchip scanning too).

  22. I am so so sorry you have lost Henry so tragically. Whatever anyone says, cats do become an integral part of the family. They are never “just a cat”. Henry’s spirit will be with your family always. At times you will see him and feel him. I know how distraught you feel at not being with Henry as he passed away but please take comfort in knowing he loved you all as you loved him and that the enrichment he brought to your lives was priceless.

  23. When you think you feel him in your arms or close to you or you think you can hear him, you can, he is still around you watching over you. I hope you can take some comfort from that and I am so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Henry xx

  24. Bless you all. RIP Henry 🐾🐾 A lady stopped & picked up my Cat Paddy 23yrs ago after he was hit by a car (she didn’t hit him) if she hadn’t done that me & my family would’ve missed out on the 17 more years he lived after it. Yes he had 3 legs after needing one amputated & he was never allowed out ever again but he was happy & safe & loved. If that wonderful lady hadn’t brought him home my life would have been emptier. Paddy saw me go from 12yrs old to 32yrs old, saw me through spinal surgeries & depressions too. He was my wee soulmate. They’re not JUST cats! They are our family. He left his paw prints on my heart 🐾🐾❤️

    I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss. It was harsh & sudden. It may not bring any comfort right now but my way of looking at things is, I’d rather feel the pain of losing someone I love than living with the emptiness of never having them in my life. You only grieve if you love & it’s clear to see that Henry was & still is loved. X x

  25. I feel so sorry for you and I know how you feel,, you see we too had a beautiful cat Hamlet she used to love to play hide and seek, and leap frog with our rabbit but her favourite game was sitting in the middle of the road and waiting for the cars to stop, as we lived in a small village there were not very many and none sped. She was always ready for a cuddle and used to follow me every where. When I used to visit friends she would wait on their window until she felt I had been long enough and then she would start knocking until I left and gave her my attention. One night she went out and would not come back despite being called throughout the night, I couldn’t sleep knowing she was out. In the morning we found her, she had been hit by a speeding car, she had tried to crawl her way home but her horrific injuries had overcome her 5yards from our door. I still miss her it does get easier but I take comfort in the fact she was well loved and she knew that, you see she was the only one of her litter to have survived her wicked owner had drowned the rest but his sister had managed to save her so she had 7 I hope gappy years but no pet should be left that way, it doesn’t take much these days to find who they belong to, unless you are a coward with a guilty conscience

  26. I live in Pavilion Road (South Farm Road end) and a car hit and killed my cat a few years ago (didn’t stop either)… we were devastated. I have Signed and Shared Petition. Will be at Photo Call Monday evening. Had an idea… can you send message to all people who have signed and experienced a cat/pet getting hit/killed by a car… ask them to put pic of their cat as their Account Profile Pic… should be good to show Herald.

    1. That’s a great idea Steve. Thanks so much for your support. I will post an updated request now. So sorry about your loss. Enough is enough. X

  27. I am so sorry to read about your beautiful boy.
    Happened to me in Italy, a woman knocked on my door to tell me after making enquiries. Managed to get him before the rubbish lorry took him away.
    I was distraught too; he was my only live-in companion. I buried him in my future mother-in-law’s garden.
    I don’t know what happened to him. No blood or injuries, but might have been poison. They do that there to stop cats going in their gardens.
    Again, sorry for your loss, and I know how you must be feeling x

    1. I’m so sorry Jane, that is just awful. They leave such a huge, kitty-shaped hole in your heart when then are taken so abruptly… Sending you big hugs. xx

  28. I honestly cried so much at this story and subsequent video. My heart broke for you. I shared also in the hope that people can get to understand that they must stop for knocking over a cat/dog – as hard as that may be, the owners need closure and understanding so they can deal with their grief. Lots of love to your family. X

  29. Totally understand your grief and so sorry that this happened. Same thing happened to me many, many years ago. After that I couldn’t bring myself to have another cat. It was too painful for me.

  30. I am so sorry. Words cannot comfort you in your loss, all I can hope is that time will heal your broken heart. My tears are for you and for the lovely Henry who loved you so much. He is with you still…only a heartbeat away ❤

  31. Such a beautiful piece of writing. I have experienced this too many times. My heart aches thinking of the loss. I know it can’t be helped sometimes but a moment or two to find us would mean a chance to say goodbye. I don’t think any of us would be angry. I would be glad that I could save my beloved cat the indignity of laying alone. So sorry for your loss.

  32. 3 years almost to the day we lost Pogle to a thoughtless driver who didn’t stop too. I can totally relate to the part of your (beautifully written) blog about the inhuman sound of grief which one emits. You haven’t just lost a cat, you’ve lost part of your soul.

    Sorry for everyone’s lost loves.

    Typing through an endless stream of tears is not easy!!!

  33. I’.m very sorry Henry left you the way he did. So heartless. I’m sure Henry knew his family loved him. Wish you and your child the best. Losing a cat is never easy. But the way you lost yours is heartless and cruel. So sorry. When you’re ready, I hope you get another cat.

  34. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful member of the family. What a lovely boy. I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our beautiful fur babies, Flick and Purrsie this way and know the heartbreak.

    I will support the campaign however I can. Just let me know what you need. Mary x

    Ps. Thanks for sending the car sticker and for your kind words on Instagram.

    Pps. Is It ok if I share the article on my Twitter feed please? A lot of people there were sympathetic when I lost Flick in January 2017. X

    1. Oh thank you for the kind words Mary. Of course you can share. So so sorry to hear about Flick and Purrsie as well – nobody should ever have to go through this pain.

      Hope you like the car sticker! In memory of all Henrys, Flicks and Purrsies! :’-(

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